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  • February 7, 2023
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JOIN Clause

The Drop Table query affects the structure of the table rather than the data. It is used to remove an existing table. When you are unsure whether a table to be dropped exists or not, use the DROP TABLE IF EXISTS command.


Following is the syntax of the DROP TABLE query in MySQL −

DROP TABLE table_name;

Example: Program to demonstrate drop if exists. 

import mysql.connector

# Connecting to the Database
mydb = mysql.connector.connect(
host ='localhost',
database ='College',
user ='root',
cs = mydb.cursor()
# drop clause
statement = "Drop Table if exists Employee"
# Uncommenting statement ="DROP TABLE employee"
# Will raise an error as the table employee
# does not exists
# Disconnecting from the database

The IF EXISTS keyword is used to prevent errors from occurring when attempting to drop a table that does not exist.

When we use the IF EXISTS clause, we are telling the SQL engine that if the given table name exists, drop it; otherwise, do nothing.

If the code executes without an error, then it means the employee table is deleted if it existed.

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