Inheritance in Python

  • December 12, 2022
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JOIN Clause

Inheritance is a fundamental idea in object-oriented programming (OOP) languages. By deriving a class from another class, you can use this mechanism to build a hierarchy of classes that share a set of properties and methods.

Benefits of inheritance include:
  • It accurately depicts real-world relationships.
  • It offers a code’s reusability. We don’t need to keep writing the same code. Additionally, it enables us to expand a class’s features without changing them.
  • Because of its transitive nature, if class B inherits from class A, then all of class B’s subclasses will also automatically inherit from class A.
  • A clear, understandable model structure is provided by inheritance.
  • An inheritance reduces the cost of development and maintenance.
Syntax for Inheritance:
Class BaseClass:
Class DerivedClass(BaseClass):

class Person(object):

	# Constructor
	def __init__(self, name): = name

	# To get name
	def getName(self):

	# To check if this person is an employee
	def isStudent(self):
		return False

# Inherited or Subclass (Note Person in bracket)
class Student(Person):

	# Here we return true
	def isStudent(self):
		return True

# Driver code
obj = Person("Mayank") # An Object of Person
print(obj.getName(), obj.isStudent())

obj = Student("Shital") # An Object of Employee
print(obj.getName(), obj.isStudent())
Mayank False
Shital True
Using the Child Class to Access the Parent Class Element:

You might occasionally need to use the functions or properties of the parent class while working in a child class. The dot. operator can be used to access the elements of a parent class.



We have a straightforward example to illustrate this below:

class Parent:
  	var1 = 1
  	def func1(self):
  	    # do something here

class Child(Parent):
  	var2 = 2
  	def func2(self):
        # do something here too
  		# time to use var1 from 'Parent'
  	    myVar = Parent.var1 + 10
  	    return myVar

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