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  • September 19, 2022
  • C++
Accessing Elements
What is C++?

C++ developed by Bjarne Stroustrup at bell labs is a general-purpose programming language developed to enhance the C language to include an object-oriented paradigm. C++ is a middle-level language, encapsulating both high and low-level language features.

Features & key-points about C++ programming language:
  • Simple
  • Machine Independent but Platform Dependent
  • Mid-level language
  • Rich library support
  • Speed of execution
  • Pointer and direct Memory-Access
  • Object-Oriented
  • Compiled Language
Applications of C++: 
  • Operating Systems & Systems Programming. e.g. Linux-based OS (Ubuntu etc.)
  • Browsers (Chrome & Firefox)
  • Graphics & Game engines (Photoshop, Blender, Unreal-Engine)
  • Database Engines (MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, etc.)
  • Cloud/Distributed Systems
Benefits of C++ over C Language:
  • C++ is a highly portable language and is often the language of choice for multi-device, multi-platform app development.
  • C++ is an object-oriented programming language and includes classes, inheritance, polymorphism, data abstraction, and encapsulation.
  • C++ has a rich function library.
  • C++ allows exception handling and function overloading, which are not possible in C.
  • C++ is a powerful, efficient, and fast language. It finds a wide range of applications – from GUI applications to 3D graphics for games to real-time mathematical simulations.

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