Miscellaneous Program(exponential without using pow() method)

  • April 8, 2022
  • C
Matrix multiplication

Without using the pow() method, here is a program to find exponential.

Long long int is twice as big as long int.

The format specifier for long long int is % lld.

int main()
    long long int value = 1;
   int n,exp;
    printf("Enter the number and its exponential:\n\n");
    scanf("%d%d",&n, &exp);

   int exp1 = exp;   
    while(exp-- > 0)
        value *= n; // multiply n to itself exp times

    printf("\n\n %d^%d = %lld\n\n", n, exp1, value);
   return 0;


input is 2 and 3.

Enter the number and its exponential:

2 3
2^3 = 8

input is 12.

Enter the number and its exponential:

12 2
12^2 = 144

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