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  • February 7, 2023
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JOIN Clause

In a MySQL database, the where clause is used to filter the data according to the specified conditions. Using the where clause, you can retrieve, remove, or update a specific set of data in a MySQL database.

MySQL WHERE Clause in Python:

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Use the WHERE clause in the SELECT statement to select data from a table based on a specific condition.

  • Rows from the result set are typically filtered using the WHERE clause.
  • Data from the MySQL Table can be retrieved, updated, and deleted with its assistance.


Following is the syntax of the WHERE clause −

SELECT column1, column2, columnN
FROM table_name
WHERE [condition]

Example: Consider the following database named college and have a table name as a student.
Schema of the database:

import mysql.connector

#Establishing connection
conn = mysql.connector.connect(
host='localhost',							password='your_password',

# Creating a cursor object using
# the cursor() method
mycursor = conn.cursor();

# SQL Query
sql = "select * from Student where Roll_no >= 21;"

# Executing query

myresult = mycursor.fetchall()

for x in myresult:

# Closing the connection

The where clause retrieves the records with roll number value greater than 21.

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