How to Start Learning Python Programming

How to start learning python programming

Many people ask me how you have started learning python programming and how you know so much in python programming especially college students and newbies.

For Example you can see screenshot below:

As you can see in the above conversation one of my Instagram Follower asked me two important questions:

  1. What made you really good in Python?
  2. What courses did you study that made you improved like that?

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Question 1: What made you really good in Python? 😉😉😍

Answer: There is nothing special I do that made me really good in Python, I always follow one principle that is – Keep Learning.

I always try to learn new things in Python every day or in other words, you can say I always try to add a new thing in my knowledge bucket every day. This is only the secret behind my Python programming knowledge that’s it.

Question 2: What courses did you study that made you improved like that? 😍😍😉

Answer: Nothing, I never took any online courses. I only read the python programming book and followed free resources on the internet, and I don’t think it’s necessary to take paid sources because lots of free resources are available to achieve mastery in Python programming.

How I started learning Python programming? 🤔🤔

I started learning from Book Core Python Programming (affiliate) (Note: This is a good book to start, but you can use some other book of your choice).

Once I finished everything from concepts to coding examples, I started exploring lots of free resources available on the internet (Thanks to Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee) such as,, and many more.

After understanding basic concepts and syntax of python programming, I started solving lots of coding problems from HackerRank, GeeksforGeeks, and from my favorite book Cracking the Coding Interview (affiliate).

I have subscribed to the Daily Coding Problem which is free of cost, and through this, I get one problem every day on my mail and I solve those problems.

The problems are the interview coding problems asked by various top tech companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and many more.

Even after learning and doing so much, I keep exploring optimized techniques and new concepts of Python to keep myself up to date and keep sharing my knowledge among my followers on Instagram.

After creating coding community and following lots of coders on Instagram I got to know about 100 days coding challenge which helped to keep motivated to learn new things in python programming every day.

How you should start learning python programming? 🤔🤔

You can follow my steps to start learning python programming or you can prepare your own rules and follow them properly, and don’t forget to follow keep learning approach if you want to mastery the subject.

Key Steps you can follow (Just an opinion):

  1. Pick a book either my recommended one Core Python Programming (affiliate) or you can pick any book of your choice.
  2. Follow free resources available on the internet like,, and many more.
  3. After understanding or making holds on basic concepts of python programming, start solving problems from Hackerank, GeeksforGeeks, and many more.
  4. Solve problems from Cracking the Coding Interview (affiliate).
  5. Subscribe Daily Coding Problem to solve questions asked in top tech companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and many more.
  6. Keep exploring new things every day in python programming to improve your skills.
  7. Start 100 days coding challenge and keep learning python programming and solving problems every day till the 100th day.
  8. Last but not the least, If you have time you can create a community on Instagram to start sharing your knowledge among people.

If you don’t want to follow these steps it’s OK, you can create your learning path, but the thing is whatever path you create for yourself, you need to follow them strictly to achieve the success that’s it.

Good Luck with your decision making let me know in the comment which path you choose in the end.

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